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Monday, June 18, 2012


Skulls have been a staple of my work for the last several months.  I finally feel like I'll be able to shake them all out here pretty soon.  Many of the prints I have been working on run with the idea of cycles, reflection and multiples.  This print continues along this course.  The background is photocopy lithography (also know as gum transfer, xerox lithography and paper lithography), the mid-grounds are screen printed while the foreground is a linocut.  I have been very interested in cross-pollinating printing techniques.  Most are experiments for larger scale works and some of the experiments have failed but the knowledge gained from this testing will be applied to future projects.

I have been a bit obsessed by white, black, silver, and gold and have managed to slip them all in on this piece.  The eyes of the skull are made of reflective foil.  When viewing the work the eyes change color (as reflected by what is in front of them) as you move around the print.

I look forward to moving into larger scale using these techniques.

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