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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Geinformeerdo 2.2008

This woodcut is titled Geinformeerdo (Dutch for "enlightened"). The image is derived from a sketch that I made of a man on a train in the Netherlands.

This is a two-color woodcut. The image above illustrates the woodcut process. Image 1: the block is 1/3 cut. Image 2: the block is fully cut except for a few areas which were cut out during the proofing process. Image 3: the block is inked for printing. Image 4: the first color has been printed from block 2 (not shown). Image 5: the final print.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Crest 1.2008

The challenge has begun.
This woodcut is titled Crest.

This is a three-color woodcut utilizing the paper tone as a fourth color. The lightest ink was printed first and the darkest last. The process is illustrated above.

Printmaking Challenge

My art production has been at an all time low this Summer. Maybe it is the heat, maybe I have hit a creative block. It is frustrating. I have been reading up on some of the greats in printmaking, The German Expressionists, which has started a fire in me to produce again.

My goal is to produce at least one print per week for a year. These will include multi-color woodcuts, etchings and monoprints. I hope to exceed the goal and create more than one print per week and if I’m lucky maybe I can sneak a few paintings into the mix as well. Hopefully this site will be updated with new images weekly instead of being considered a “false start”.