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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Geinformeerdo 2.2008

This woodcut is titled Geinformeerdo (Dutch for "enlightened"). The image is derived from a sketch that I made of a man on a train in the Netherlands.

This is a two-color woodcut. The image above illustrates the woodcut process. Image 1: the block is 1/3 cut. Image 2: the block is fully cut except for a few areas which were cut out during the proofing process. Image 3: the block is inked for printing. Image 4: the first color has been printed from block 2 (not shown). Image 5: the final print.


zoo said...

one down 51 to go...keep up the good work fro-dozle

Fro said...

Hey Zoo, thanks for checking out the work!


Kate said...

so...where's week 3? and 4? :)