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I am pleased to announce that I have been invited to exhibit my work at the Inaugural Show at Tribute Gallery (Portland, OR). The show is curated by Tribute Gallery founder Brian T. Wilson and will include works by Amaren Colosi, Karl Ramentol and Jarod Ruleaux.

I will be exhibiting hot-off-the-press etchings and woodcuts, a book entitled Alter Egos as well as cigar box paintings.

The details:

Tribute Gallery
Everett Street Lofts
328 NW Broadway #117, Portland, Oregon 97209
First Thursday, September 3rd, from 6-9 p.m. Gallery hours are on Saturdays from 11am-3pm, or by an appointment. The show will hang through Saturday, September 19th.

Please stop by and have a look!

Artwork above:
Alter Egos

Monday, June 8, 2009

New Website!

I have launched a new website which features my finished artwork.


Please stop by for a visit if you have a chance.

Thanks for looking...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Reclaimed Lumber Table

This table was made out of reclaimed lumber. The gray lumber is from a pergola that was in the elements for about four years. The lumber for the legs was purchased at the Rebuilding Center. The texture and color were very appealing and seemed perfect for turning into an indoor table to support plants under a window sill. I did very little sanding in order to preserve the color. I was really surprised at how quickly this table came together (one day). This was largely due to the rustic nature of the table design. I decided that I would not sand, stain or finish the wood. No glue was used in the construction so that the materials can once again be re-used in the future. The screws are exposed in order to further the effect of the rustic feeling. The barn has been brought inside.

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The season of flying ants has returned.

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More ideas to ponder.

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Sometimes the head gets full and needs to be purged.

Friday, March 27, 2009


For the next several days I will be posting sketchbook drawings. This is how I hone my ideas into final works. Not every drawing in these sketchbooks will be incorporated into a finished work but are equally important in the process of idea-forming. Sometimes drawings produced months apart from one another will be combined to form a new idea that can be realized into a finished work. I have begun to revisit old sketchbooks to see what was piquing my interest months and even years ago. I have noticed that my ideas for artwork are cyclical and my concerns for various subject matter have continued to be important in my thinking and have also grown to include new issues that I feel I should address. I am being vague about the subject matter as it will become evident to the viewer as I post the sketches and artwork. I can't give it all away! The viewer has to do some thinking and deducing as well.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pallet Table

This table is constructed from reclaimed lumber. The top of the table once had the life of a pallet and was most likely destined for a landfill. The base is constructed of old shelving material.

I have been getting a guilty conscious lately from purchasing wood at lumber superstores such as Lowes and Home Depot. I know that most if not all of the wood that they sell is not from sustainable forests. There are some projects that require new wood to be purchased and I understand this need but there are also many projects in which reclaimed lumber is a great, and in some cases a more expensive, alternative. Reclaimed lumber can come in many shapes and forms. Some of it is sold with zero or two sides planed. If you have access to a table saw you can take the planing into your own hands and reveal some amazing wood that has been hiding behind 100 years worth of weather and grime. The beauty of it is that you can find really gorgeous woods that may no longer be available due to logging restrictions or lack of the tree resource due to unsustainable practices. The Rebuilding Center in Portland, Oregon, caters to this reclaiming need. They accept donations but will also dismantle houses from the basement to the roof and then offer the lumber to the public for sale. This is a wonderful opportunity for people to think creatively about reclaimed lumber uses.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


I have been producing quite a few watercolors recently. They allow me to work quickly and experiment with color and technique. This has been an invaluable source of production for me as I have been really interested in the amount of information that we absorb on a hourly/daily/weekly basis and how we process that information. The internet has compounded the amount and speed in which information is passed from a source to a viewer. How does all of this news and imagery affect us? I hope to explore this question in a series of works in which different pieces of imagery will be composed to create a dialogue about how we process information.