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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Kitchen Lithography Test

There is a new lithography technique that has been kicking around the internet this year that I was immediately intrigued by because it is non-toxic and the ingredients are easy to find.  Kitchen Lithography was invented by Emilie Aizier (http://www.art-emilion.fr/index.php?id_dossier=47) and has been published generously online by the artist so that everyone can benefit from the process.  After several attempts at the process (seven to be exact) I was finally able to create a decent image.  I'll have to admit that I nearly abandoned this technique because of all the various failures that I had, but a good nights sleep and not wanting to be beat down by what is such a simple process overruled my impulse to quit.  On the eighth attempt I was able to achieve an image that does resemble a traditional lithograph.  The process has some finicky bits but has some incredible potential for creating lithograph-like effects without all of the traditional lithographic chemical processing.

I plan to create notes of my experience with this technique and detail what works and what doesn't work to try and nail this technique down.  I hope that sharing these notes will help others achieve quality- quick results.

Images:  The top image is the aluminum foil etched with cola and inked with a 50/50 mix of etching ink and relief ink, the middle images are the first two prints pulled from the plate, the bottom  image was the third print pulled and most successful.

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