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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Birdflak 6.2008

This drypoint etching is a proof printed on the Dick Blick 906 Press. I have been having great luck lately with the quality of prints that this little work-horse press has been producing. I plan on working into this plate a little more and will post it once it is completed.


Kate said...

I love the look of this one, with the bird in silhouette instead of detailed. Good quality in the image too - I like seeing the texture of the paper.

jessica said...

I love this!! I want this!! We can talk price later......J.

Luke said...

Jess, we may have a bidding war...nice work Frizzle!


Fro said...


Thanks for your comments. You are in luck as I will be printing an edition of 10!



Kate said...

I already have one...:)

jessica said...

Birdflak....I found you again! I really love this! I saw on Etsy it is approximately 4.5" x 5.5" correct? Does it come larger? Should I buy through there?!? I love this! Check will be in the mail...you just give the word. word.